Bill Cunningham - Fashion's Irrepressible Mirror

After watching The Times' documentary about its own on-the-street photographer Bill Cunningham, it's impossible not to be drawn in by his unpretentious love of beauty in couture and all its accouterments. To his credit, Cunningham seems willfully oblivious to much of the vapidity that surrounds the world he documents.

Of course, Bill Cunningham doesn't so much document the fashion world as he documents the world for the sake of New York, Paris and Milan. They all owe him a debt, and they know it. Meanwhile, Bill trudges on, whizzing by on his bicycle in his blue blazer, flitting through crowds on the streets of Manhattan and Paris, at fundraisers, high society galas and awards ceremonies. 

You shouldn't waste any more time. See the movie. Even if you think Fashion Week is of the devil, or that all the fundraisers in the world won't redeem New York's pretentious, sheltered high society (you're okay to harbor those views), I can't imagine you won't like Bill. I love his spirit, his unassuming getup, and his genuine grasp of how fashion informs and defines our culture.


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